What power input is required for the RAMPS 1.4 electronics?

Oh man. I’m sorry. It looks like you have cooked all your stepper drivers. The RAMPS board might be OK, but it’s hard to tell from the photos. Unfortunately you are going to have to buy some new stepper drivers, and probably a new RAMPS board as well. You should be able to find just the electronics you need on eBay.

Thanks for responding brother.
I bought new stepper drivers and ramps but the only thing that confuses me is how much power should i have to give (how many wires to connect in the phoenix connector). Correct me if I’m wrong… the current for the hot end (extruder heater) and heat bed gets from the 11A portion in the phoenix connector and 5A for stepper motors, ramps board, extruder. But since I’m NOT using the print bed, should I HAVE to connect the wires from the power supply to the 11A portion or NOT? And also please tell me why the stepper drivers fried, is it because I connected all 4 wires from the power supply to the phoenix connector or is it possible that it fried because the ramps board was defective?

Thanks in advance

That’s my understanding as well; 11A for the heated build platform, 5A for everything else. I’m not sure how you fried your stepper drivers. Things worth checking: Input voltages, are they what you expected? Polarity, did everything get installed the correct way? Any other obvious shorts or wiring mistakes? That middle stepper driver looks like it overlaps? Why is it not neatly aligned with the next? Oh and don’t remove or change the stepper wires while your RAMPS board is powered up, that is known to damage the drivers.

Hope this all helps. Good luck.

Thanks man :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

hi Clinton
i have another thing to ask before i try it again.
I bought a new ramps 1.4, Arduino Mega 2560, a new PSU 12V 20A, NOT using a heated print bed.
I read your previous discussions with Josh_Rogan… in that you said the 5A terminal in ramps 1.4 only draw as many amps as it needs (which is 5a?)… So my question is… Can I wire the the 12v 20A psu to ONLY the 5a terminal of the ramps1.4 because am using x, y, z1, z2, e0 stepper motors, 1 hot end, NO heated bed? without frying the components (stepper motor drivers and stepper motors itself) ???
I am afraid that it would happen again like in the video I sent you (https://photos.app.goo.gl/YXJh1PXexjRWjbPF8)

And also what is mfr 500/ mfr1100 fuse? What it does? (from your discussion with Dnze)

Thank you in advance waiting for your reply

The fuses pictured above prevent the RAMPS board from pulling too much current. I had to use a cooling fan on my RAMPS board when I was using the heated build platform a whole heap.

I just did a quick check for you. I plugged in the stepper drivers, and wired up 12 volts to only the 5A terminal. Powered everything up and no fires or black smoke. This might be a way you could work through the process? Do it step by step, powering off. Triple checking the wiring and adding in the next component?

P.S. I couldn’t get your video link to work, maybe try uploading it to YouTube or something?

thanks. Please answer the following doubts

  1. Can u tell me what’s your power supply specification?
  2. Since i am not using heated bed, Can I wire my 12v 20a smps only to the 5A terminal and it won’t cause fire?
  3. If I use a 12v 5a power supply, the watts it has will be 60W. So is it enough to run the Printer for a long time? Won’t something happen to the printer because of the low power?

here’s the link to the video…i accidentally deleted the previous video. https://photos.app.goo.gl/LAJUpjDkBLQD9wtz6


I’m using a computer ATX power supply. It has two 12v outputs, one is rated for 14 amps, the other 16. I’m not sure exactly which one I was using, but it was all good being plugged into the 5amp channel.

okay got it thankz…I’ll let you know what happened.