Removing a stuck 3d print from the heated build platform

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I let my print sit for over 7 hours yesterday, The print was so stuck in the morning it literally took 20 minutes just to get it off… It’s Pla and I am using Paitners Tape for adhesion. I had been running the print with the heat bed at 70* but I can’t seem to figure out what is making my prints ‘Glue’ themselves to the heat bed. And by glue I mean like I couldn’t get it to budge with a paint scraper or by pulling on it by hand

Letting it cool longer in my experience actually seemed to make it harder to remove. Although I couldn’t bend the print as easily as it wasn’t soft, it still happened due to the shier force that was required to remove it… Any advice?

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Have you tried printing directly to glass? I gave up on painters tape, I was constantly replacing the stuff. This post here has a few more details:

There are a few options on Amazon for heat tempered borosilicate glass. Such as: and

Ebay has a few vendors as well. I found sandblasted glass to work best.

Actually, the printer I have is an aluminum plate not glass, I’ve tried printing to it before and there was very little adhesion at all :confused:

Sorry, haven’t tried aluminium before. Although with glass, I did need to get the bed up a bit warmer than 70°C. Maybe try upping the bed temperature?

Yeah I’ll have too, I’m getting really tired of re doing my tape every time… I’ll do some more experimenting and get back with my results, thanks for the help!

How are you going with your stuck prints? Manage to work out how to get them to loosen from your aluminium plate?

Actually it’s quite interesting, initially I was printing with my printer in the garage. Now it was cold at that point mind you, usually about 8 *C outside, the garage was neither heated nor insulated so it too was cold. Now in that environment, where there wasn’t any wind or draft, but the room temperature was cold, the prints basically glued to the bed. When it got color I brought the printer back inside and instantly had the issue of prints not working… I’m printing with abs mainly now, but I’ve been meaning to do some more experimentation with it. Who knows, maybe I’m on to something

I think ambient temperature and humidity do play a role, but I’m not exactly sure how. Keep me posted with your experiments. Write it all down!

I have a QIDI Tech 1, and (I think this is an issue with everyone with this printer) my ABS print seems permanently attached to the build plate. Now that this has happened, I am going to get a glass plate to replace the current one, but I can’t install the glass until I have removed the current prints that are still there. I’ve been trying for days, but with no progress. I just tried using an ice-pack and a palette knife that I got in the mail today, but they both didn’t work, warping the knife in the process. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?

Did you try the flat head screwdriver and mallet? Short sharp tap does it for me.

Just a thought but I use a magnetic flexible plate cover and you just take it off and flex it and the print comes off.

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One other note. Using things like hammers and other things that force the print off (including just tearing it off) can damage your plate and even mess with gears etc. This printers tend to be somewhat fragile and should be handled carefully. I know that at times using a screwdriver and a hammer may be the only way BUT be very careful. Try putting some 90 percent alcohol around the base and let it sit for a while. That may solve the problem and allow you to use the scrapper.

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