Quick guide to calibrating the scale of your 3D printer

So your past the painful phase of 3D printing balls of spaghetti and you are starting to get print shapes that are starting to look like they should. The only problem, they are not quite right. Holes that are supposed to be perfectly circular are turning out more like ovals. This is often a sign that firmware in your 3D printer needs a bit of calibration.

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Thanks a million for this article! It helped me get my first successful print on my Prusa i3 rework.

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Im using arduino1.6.2 only the maximum value of all of the axis are in the firmware.Maybe I could made another formula coz the steps are missing.Any help?Thanks.

What firmware are you using? Did you try 79.7, 81.6 and 2533 as starting values?

Hi I have a Combo of a 3i and a persha Mendle took the best parts of three and made them one Build is roughly 180X180X120 settings where 81, 81, 320/1.25, 110 (Extrusion is correct for a Direct drive.) but I have had my printer off by 1.89mm X 2.89mmY and