LEGO Falcon 9


First off, great work on the rocket!
Are there any tools for feeding bricklink a parts list and it finding the fewest transactions necessary to get all the parts? I am finding that i have to place like 6 orders to get all the parts for this project.


I just used 61252 and 60478 from the legs. It’s a little too tight though as i had to move the core’s grid fins down to connect it so I’ll probably get something else


Got a couple more parts to try some other experiments. For the 2nd stages, I switched the minifig head (which is expensive anyway) for a 3062b round brick, and then I could use 63965 to thread through the whole engine stack. Now the engines don’t fall off at all on the 2nd stage. For the 1st stage, I tried some 85975 parts, but they tend to be just as fragile as the previous cones. I like their look, but they were hard to find, and I could only find them in white. My next plan is to try out something like the big gear (3649), plus some pins and 18654 bits to be engines. It seems like it would be the best solution, except that it is wider than the rocket and you end up with gear teeth visible on the side. I haven’t tried your new solution though, perhaps that will be better than the other options. There isn’t a way to make it sit flat though, since you can’t remove a 1x1 from the middle engine anymore, right?


The way Lego attaches the solid rocket boosters to the main tank in their shuttle model is pretty neat. They use these double length technique connectors. Ends up being creating one bricks worth of space between the two. Might be worth a try?

The landing legs for the centre rocket might need to be rotated 45 degrees though, so that they interleave with the landing legs on the side cores. That would be a tricky modification, and I’m not sure if that is possible.



Yeah, you wouldn’t be able to remove the 1x1 from the middle engine anymore, and would need an accompanying stand or strongback for the model to sit flat.

EDIT: Super awesome modifications on the 2nd stage by the way.


I also was using BrickLink for the first time. I THINK the Wishlist has the functionality you want.


Your Falcon 9 is awesome! I love the combination of accuracy and a practical, playable scale. I was inspired to play around with it in LDD to make the falcon heavy. I posted screenshots here if anybody is interested. If your model gets accepted by LEGO ideas, I am definitely lining up to buy one! Cheers!


Wow! Really like your links between the cores. Very nicely done.


Do you ship lego kits? If so, how much?


Not at the moment, but thinking of putting a couple of kits together later in the year. Want me to send you a message if I put a few kits together?


How much did your parts cost to build your falcon 9 and satellite/dragon capsules and falcon heavy variant?


Have only built the satellite + falcon 9 variant so far. It was about $50 USD for the parts and another $50 USD to have them shipped to Australia.


I am not for farmiliar with ordering. If i sent you $ via paypal, would you order me a set and have it sent to my address in California?


It is pretty time consuming to get all the parts (usually have to get it from a couple of different places), will let you know when I do a bulk order and put a few kits together.


Have you out any together? Lol. JK!..or am I?
When you do, please send me an email to my gmail. Vfx21x
This isn’t going so well, so it seems you might be our only hope.


You got me workin’ on it again. Big update soon.


Have you put any kits together?



Yup! Have a few kits together:

Falcon9 1st Stage -> $70 USD
Dragon Payload -> $13 USD (Bit of a lead time on this one, waiting on a couple more pieces)
Drone Ship -> $380 USD (909 parts, 1.085 Kg)

(Plus shipping costs - For example. Sending F9 + Dragon to California costs $22 USD).

Please note, these are not official LEGO sets, and are completely fan designed. The ‘playability’ may vary from what you experience with an official LEGO set. For example, they don’t come with any decals.

If you are interested drop me an email at Obviously, you’ll want to replace my-first-name with my actual first name.



I just got my Falcon 9 kit and dragon from Clinton. Super awesome kit that assembles in no time. Instructions were a snap. Highly recommended and can’t wait for the Falcon Heavy!!!


86500 is the part number.