How Banksy Authenticates His Work

When street artist Banksy first started selling screen prints online, they became a popular target for forgers looking to make a few bucks duping unsuspecting fans. It quickly got out of hand and must have been infuriating for both Banksy and his followers.

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Very cool!

But I’m compelled to remind people that this is how Banksy authenticates her work.

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The bill is like a split tally stick. Pretty cool to see a modern use of that.

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The other one I have seen about since posting is that the bill references a Chirograph. A bit more recent then the split tally stick, it was been super cool discovering stone aged information systems.

What about Blockchain technology to authenticate Banksy I know a company that has a 20 point system that would really be airtight proof and also once it’s in a block to inform you can still use the screen names nom de plume’s etc. I don’t have to give up your true identity

That’s also a really interesting idea. There are a fair few NFT platforms kicking around that make that style of authentication available to pretty much anyone who signs up.

Ill have it soon for consumer use