How accurate are Estimote iBeacons?

Hardware for my next project has started to arrive, and last week a preview kit of Estimote iBeacons landed on my doorstep. Packed like a fine box of Belgium chocolates, the Polish made iBeacons looked delicious.

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Amazing work, this data will be very useful for planning out beacon projects and expectations in the future!

Awesome, by the way, any leads on how exactly you measured the distance. Perhaps a little insight into the inner workings of you “range testing app”?

The range testing app was very basic. Just made calls to the Estimote SDK to get the estimated estimote range (i.e. Utils.computeAccuracy, see for details) and outputted the results as a Toast (i.e. Toast.makeText, see for details). Wrote down the estimote distances as the toasts popped up, and compared those with the actual distance as measured with the tape measure.

Thanks for the response. I am quite cynical about the overall utility of this technology though especially in terms of accuracy. you really shed some light here .will try it out.

Be keen to see your results when you are done.