DFPlayerMini cheat sheet

Recently I had the chance to incorporate the DFPlayer Mini into a project. It’s a super cute MP3 player that is great for Arduino powered projects. The only problem being with the documentation. It is a little spotty and I had to work pretty hard to get around a few issues. So here is a little cheat sheet to help you along:

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Hi there. You connected the Speakers really to IO_1 and IO_2 ?? I think the schematic you posted is incorrect, right? the speakers had to be connected to SPK1 and SPK2 ? Please let me know. Thx

Yup, you are correct. I have made a mistake in my schematic - the speakers should be connected to SPK1 and SPK2 (the matching pins on the opposite side of the board). Thanks for letting me know. EDIT: I will get this fixed up, schematic updated.

So your wiring diagram shows ground being connected to each of the speakers. With a similar setup to your diagram, I can’t seem to get my arduino pro mini to start when powering from RAW / GND. It’s like there is a short and it turns off immediately. Now it does work if I power from the FTDI interface (not sure why this is the case).

Haven’t tried this yet, but when I look at other wiring diagrams for example from DFRobot, the SPK1 is connected to speaker positive and SPK2 is connected to speaker negative … no ground wires are connected to the speaker(s). So I am assuming this is an issue and will switch to have SPK1 to positive of both speakers and SPK2 to negative of both speakers to see if that corrects the issue. Wondering if you have seen anything similar and/or are you getting stereo or some other benefit from the wiring the ground to the speakers?

Yeah, I started out using DAC_L and DAC_R for stereo output (in my case I was driving headphones headphones). But the line noise was terrible. Wiring SPK1 and SPK2 like in the schematic above allowed me to keep stereo output and get way less line noise. (The other examples you have seen will only be mono).

I haven’t experienced your shorting issue, my input supply was 5 volts and I drew power directly from a 5V DC-DC converter for both the Pro Micro and the DFPlayer Mini (along with the other components I was using).

Do not connect the speakers in this way.

I tested it with two 4 Ohm speakers.

My DFPlayer has 3.3 volts and then draws more than 400 mA and is too hot in no time. (400 mA was the set current limitation of the power supply)

It is possible that not all modules are the same, or that it wil works with high-ohmic headphones, but if you want to destroy your module, go ahead you have been warned.

Mvg Jan.