Configuring RepRap Firmware

For many people, without a doubt the scariest (and most difficult) part of building a RepRap is getting the firmware installed on the electronics. The firmware is the piece of software that runs on the RepRap itself, it listens for gcode instructions from your computer and turns them into motor movements, and heater temperatures.

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Hi I need to calibrate the Z axis on my Reprap Prusa i3 I ave the Marlin Firmware and Arduino software etc but the chip on my controller is a 1284 atmega my Arduino software supports the 2560 and 1280. If i set to 2560 it times out and if I use 1280 i get error wrong chip? Help please

My electronics is Sangui

This blog post here – – has some instructions on getting the atmega1284p going in Arduino.

However, I’m starting to get into PlatformIO

(an Arduino alternative) and it looks like it supports the atmega1284 straight out of the box. I would give that a burl. I’m starting to think PlatformIO is the better bet these days.